Gasket protocol

I want to clean the oil screen in the hog’s head. I have a set of new gaskets, but should I change gaskets every time, or are the old gaskets, if they are in good shape, still usable?
So far I haven’t found any specific direction on line, so I thought I’d ask here.
If I do replace the gaskets, is there a recommended gasket compound to glue 'em down or are they good to go as is?

Yep use them again as long as they are not torn. Do you have a magnet in your screen?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’ll look for one when I open her up.

I re-use the old gaskets. Coat them with grease to help them release better the next time you remove the cover.

On the hogshead screen I glue a gasket to each side of the screen. They can be used many times. The screen can be cleaned every oil change. Gaskets are good for decades.

Good to know, thank you! What glue did you use on the gaskets?

Contact cement. I use 3M 1357 and a brush.

Good to know. Thank you!