Getting ready to start 'er up

My son will be home for Christmas and doesn’t yet know that he’ll be helping me push the “T” out of the garage for it’s initial start up, heh heh.
Once we can get it started I want to do some general maintenance on it aside from a lube and oil. Things that come to mind are replacing the radiator hoses and clamps, and possibly the fan belt just because the car hasn’t run in 40 years and I’d like to avoid to getting stuck somewhere. This obviously would take precedence over cosmetic stuff. One kit I’ve noticed for sale is a transmission oil filter screen.
Is this worth adding to my shopping cart?
It sounds like an excellent idea and if it increases reliability I’ll consider it, but there are so many aftermarket things for Model T’s that I’m having a difficult time separating the worthwhile from marketing hype, so I thought I’d ask here what the consensus is regarding transmission filter oil screens?

IMO the screen and magnet are well worth it, it does a good job of capturing the lint from the transmission bands.

You may find this useful. DG93

Agree the screen kit is a very useful accessory.