Giving her fluids

I just finished trading out the new oil drain plug on my Pop’s '24 with a newer oil drain plug, the kind with with a built-in magnet. I previously opened up the Ford Faithful oiler and installed a tight fitting home made screen from 1/8 hardware cloth held in place with yet another magnet.
I believe it’s time to add motor oil and start concentrating more on the electrical system.
I read the articles here and think I’ll go with a detergent oil. I did find a partial case of Shell X-100 30wt
in the garage, but I’m wondering if it might be worth switching to a multi-grade? 05-30wt it what I gleaned from the article, however when I did a search for oil I also came across 05-40wt Rotella, Valvoline, Castrol, Quaker State and Lucas.
The 40wt top number interests me because from what I’ve read, Henry recommended the equivalent of 40wt for hot weather conditions and I live in a desert (yeah it’s winter and it won’t get hot again until summer, but since it is a multi grade, it should still protect my engine in cold weather, right?) I only ask because I’m clueless. Maybe 05-40wt is overkill?
I can just use the X-100, but I remembered back in high school I used to change the oil on my VW Beetle and bought the case which I rediscovered in the garage. I remember noticing the X-100 making a lot of yellow colored foam (why? I have no idea!) So I switched to Castrol GTX and the foam stopped.

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This might help:

Oil for the Model T Ford

Thank you! I’ll likely change the oil only once a year, so I want to make sure that I put in the right stuff.

That’s an interesting article!
Regarding the range of oil, I’m thinking
Am I going to be taking the T out when it’s 116 degrees? Of course not.
Am I going to drive the T when it’s under 32 degrees and the roads are icy? Nope.
But a thinner oil to get flowing quickly sounds beneficial.
05-40wt then, is probably overkill.

I picked up a jug of fully synthetic 5w30 from Walmart this morning.
The poor ol’ girl isn’t going to know what hit her.