Govenment regulations

Effective this week, all new cars sold in the U.S. must now be equipped with rear cameras and screens that will show drivers what’s behind their vehicles while in reverse gear.

Congress passed the law requiring backup cameras in 2008, but its full implementation was delayed for several years. Finally, in 2014, the Department of Transportation announced the effective date of May 2018, providing manufacturers time to implement the technology.

Unbelievable, the government getting involved in auto safety. I don’t know what this world is coming to…

Imagine, 15+ million Model T’s built, not to mention all the other cars made
before 1970, and operators were forced against their will to learn how to drive
and look where they are going ! When will the civil rights abuses ever end ?

Always legislate to the lowest common denominator !

As of a couple years ago, it was a fine-able offense to ride a bicycle around
town without a #@! helmet, thanks to the wise governing body that thinks they
can save the world from itself.

I expect fire suits, helmets, mouth guards, and flashing lights to be mandated
equipment for everyone to wear, if they leave the house.

I think I’ll go play with my sharp-bladed machinery and pretend I don’t need
“adult supervision”.

Rear view cameras. Does that mean that we can remove the mirrors now? That should give more room to install extra air bags. Thank God we don’t get all of the government that we pay for.