Green T on eBay

When I worked in Japan I started eating and drinking the same things as the locals because otherwise I would have starved to death. One of those things was green tea. It grew on me, I still like it.

This car however has not grown on me yet. The workmanship seems to be pretty good, it’s the color that doesn’t really work for me.

I find it hard to figure why someone would paint a car that color, but obviously someone liked it! and I have done a few things in the T world that others certainly found questionable.

If you find that color does “grow on you”, better see a doctor. It is not a color normally found in nature and its presence on your skin would probably indicate some type of chemical poisoning.

I tend to agree. Unless a period car/truck was painted up
for commercial uses with “color”, I tend to think of a term
my Grandfather used for colorful cars … he called them
“circus wagons” or “clown cars”. I like to see ANY old car being
some time warp representation of it’s period. Cutesy custom
rebuilds and paint, while perfectly fine for the individual, to
my eyes, are just “cutesy” and not representative of their period.
We all have our cars and get to do with them as we please. I can
respect that. Some just aren’t my bag and I am sure, vice versa.

Paint is the biggest PITA to change of all the various refurbishment/
restoration processes. Super labor intensive. I would much rather
take on a major engine rebuild than have to strip a car of paint,
redo bodywork, etc., and repaint/reassemble the whole car !
THAT is a LOT of work and scheckels !