Halloween Zombie T

I think I’m beginning to enjoy skinning my knuckles!
I admit I’m challenged trying to put my dad’s Model T back on the road for it’s 100th birthday in 2024,and probably shouldn’t even be considering this, but dad left a garage full of Model T parts. From what I can see, there’s at least one complete engine and transmission, front and rear springs, rear axle and differential, coil boxes and some other items. In addition in the yard is a frame, another front and rear axle and front and rear springs.
Now I have a set of 30x3-1/2 tires and tubes (but no wheels) needing a home
It occurred to me that I almost have enough parts to build another T providing I can find a body and wheels.
The title would likely need to be a salvage title or home built, as I don’t have any paperwork.
The thing is, what year T would it be? Would I go by the engine #? The design of the differential? Whatever vintage body panels I might be able to scrounge?
Has anyone here done this? What was your experience?
Would it be worthwhile?

What is the engine number? If you post it here, I can look in the back of Bruce Mcalley’s book “Model T Ford, the Car that Changed the World” and tell you when it was first assembled. IMO, I would use the engine number to title it, unless the engine assembly date is vastly different from the date of the other parts that you have, or just doesn’t match the vision you have for the car.

I like using the engine number to date the car.
That engine is buried deep though.
It’ll probably be quite awhile before I can get to it.