Happy New Year from 100 years ago.

One hundred years ago today this photograph was taken of some foolhardy motorists who motored across a frozen Ohio River for whatever reason. The respective towns are roughly halfway between Cincinnati and Louisville. There were rudimentary plans to re-create the scene but current local weather and road conditions scuttled them. The folks in the picture are surely made of sterner stuff than we; I’d prefer to think we today are a tad bit smarter.

Interesting vehicle, I really like it. Single light? Radiator totally covered. Open sides! I guess if you dress for it the ride would be OK.

I wouldn’t call them “foolhardy”, they cold have easily checked the ice before proceeding and known it would hold the car.

What would you call that body style?

The single light - looks to be acetylene perhaps ?

Body style - I wondered about that too. it has elements of being professionally built with other elements saying home built. IMHO I’d call it some sort of a huckster truck. What do you think it qualifies as ?

I think it qualifies as “interesting”!

I don’t know the technical definition of “Huckster Truck”, but if it is a vehicle with an area to carry supplies for someone who sells them, I guess this vehicle qualifies.

Why does it not have standard Ford headlights?

The three slats on each side of the bed would allow for keeping large boxed items in, and the lack of slats on the rear would allow for loading and unloading. The slats would also strengthen the overall body to support the top.

Homebuilt bodies make for a lot of variation in T’s!

It looks to me like a roadster pick up with a top. There is a front seat, but the back is for carrying supplies.

Appears to be a 1913/14 chassis with aftermarket front fenders. One of the front headlamps has been mounted above the hood and is supplied with acetylene from a Prest-O-Lite tank hung on the side of the bed.

Ken in Texas