Holley 3-Screw Carburetor Float Lever Needed

I am restoring a Holley Model G 3-screw and I need some help. This one has a broken aluminum (pot metal?) float arm. Where can I acquire one? See photo of carburetor in next post, since I can only post one image per post.

I realized that this question is a long-shot as well, but is there a longer needle available? The one in the photo is too short, and trying to adjust the float lever to compensate is how it was broken.

Jeff Dreibus

I don’t know of any available unless perhaps Russ Potter has one. If not then maybe a small screw can be used to repair yours? The needle looks like you could make one on the lathe. If a longer one is needed that should not be a problem for a lathe operator.

Thanks, I’ll try Russ; good suggestion.

Unfortunately, I’m not good enough on a lathe to turn one of those needles out.


Maybe a local machinist can make one for you?

I don’t have a local machinist whom I would trust with this job, but thanks.


Send it to Russ he can fix it.

Thanks; i will contact him today.

You can make a new float arm out of sheet brass and an 1/8” ID copper tube and install a Quadrajet needle and seat available on eBay. It comes with the little wire that hooks around the needle and float arm so it pulls the needle up as the float goes down. You can adjust it by bending the tab over the needle.


Yes, I have contemplated going that route; thanks for showing the “model” bracket. I am also going to do the Rochester QuadraJet needle and seat conversion shown in the lower photo.

Again, Thanks!


I’m almost sure Lang’s sells that arm I’ll check & see.

Thanks, JTT3! I have ordered one, but IT IS BACK-ORDERED, so we will wait and see what happens.


Jeff you might contact Corey Walker, he rebuilds carbs and had to fabricate that arm from some other material but also added a modern shut off needle. Apparently now it doesn’t leak. Good luck John

Thanks, John. Can you (or anyone) provide me with contact info? I have tried googling “Corey Walker Model T ford”, but to no avail.


You can contact him via the MTFCA forum: MTFCA Forum - Login

Thanks for the info!


Hi am currently rebuilding a Holley G and wondering if anyone has a idel fuel tube assembly available parts vendors want 98$ little pricey. Anyone else producing them

Not sure which part you mean - can you provide a link?