Holley G top cover screws

What size threads are the 3 screws that hold the top cover onto a Holley G carburetor? I can’t remember and it seems like it is an odd size.

I found some, or where to order some. Hard to find in brass.

Corey, may I ask? What size of screws did you find to order?
For the iron G I have, I dug in my piles and came up with 10-32 (?) screws to set the length on but i know there’s been discussion on the size of these screws in the past…
I believe the one I have is a rebuilt from 30 years ago and the screws in the top cover were mostly way too short.
Thank you.

They were 10-32 filister head screws, 1/2". The steel ones I got look the same, the head may be a tiny bit smaller but if you replace all 3 they would match. I’ll see what the brass ones look like Tuesday. Said they hadn’t sold one since 2009.

Thanks Corey!
Keep us posted would you?

I went and got those screws today. They look the same. I’ve thought for years that those were not available new for some reason but just something you have to search and ask questions. I know the hardware store thinks I’m a picky oddball.

Phooey. Being concise in what we want nowadays is a blessing. Keep at it! :slight_smile:

After reading this discussion this morning, I took a look at a bronze Holley G in my shop. The cover screws are steel. I suspect they’re original.