Holley G

Hello everyone !
I have a 24 tudor with a holley NH carburetor on it and i am very satisfied with the performance of it .The t starts well ,idles , and runs very good on the highway, I rebuilt a second NH and it works the same as the one that’s on it now . The reason i did two carbs is to make sure the NH carbs are giving me a smooth driving t with all the power available . The tudor is quite heavy with only 20 hp . I have been doing some reading about the holly G and some guys think the T will perform a little better with the G on them. Any thoughts and comments might help me decide on trying G carb. thanks Ken

My opinion, the NH is going to give more power than the Holley G.

In a heavy fordor, or any T for that matter, the easiest way to increase power substantially is a “Z” cylinder head. It will give a very noticeable increase, perhaps 10 - 15% across the board. More torque and horsepower with zero drawbacks other than the cost.

Hello Auto Inn !
Do you think the G will give me any extra low end power ? or not enough to worry about ?

I don’t think it would be an improvement over the NH at any speed. In general the Holley G is a fairly good carburetor for 1915 compared to the Kingston carb. The NH is just better in every way. You won’t beat the NH unless you use an aftermarket carburetor like a U&J or a Winfield. Even then you won’t begin to see anything like the improvement that you would get with a Z head.

Auto Inn ! Thanks for your advice, sounds good