Horrible crash at the London to Brighton Run, man killed in 1902 Benz

According to eyewitness reports the 1902 Benz was going down a steep hill out of control. A man was hanging off the back of the car trying to slow it down. At the bottom of the hill the Benz was involved in a four car collision with three modern cars. The story is here:

Very sadly one of the occupants of the Benz was killed.

Very sad. RIP.

Not long into my first of three deployments to AFG, I came away with
a new way of seeing death - that we all die, and that I would rather get
croaked doing what I love or feel is meaningful, than to wither away in
a bed of cancer or some other dreary end. I hope the deceased in this
case saw it the same way and left the game doing something he loved.

I think about this all the time when motoring about in my tin telephone
booth. While I think mechanical failure leading to a crash on the part of
my driving or vehicle is a minimal risk, I believe I am at a greatly heightened
risk of being creamed out by some moron, who is texting or another of
the many wannabe stunt drivers that use our streets as a proving grounds.
The wifeperson is a whole lot of weary of the old beast as a safety concern …
says she doesn’t want me dead (just yet), … but it is all a calculated risk.
It is a risk just being alive. Are we to just lock ourselves away in a padded
room to ensure we don’t get hurt ? That isn’t how I want to play the game.

Well stated, I totally agree.