I need help identifying this frame

I came across this today. I’m not sure what it is but I think it’s a Model T. It appears to have a hitch on it to turn on into a trailer maybe. Idk. If you know what this is, year made or anything else please feel free to answer. You can also email me at chipmonk1@yahoo.com. I was offering to owner some cash for it just because it looks cool. Wouldn’t you know it, the owner said I could have it for free!!! So this is my next project. Get it home, clean it up and…idk, do something with it. Maybe a new trailer or a roadster. Anyway. Information would be great!

Here is another photo of the front end.

The back portion looks like typical 1926 - 27 Model T. The front has been modified, perhaps making a better trailer.

I have a frame almost exactly like it that was used as a trailer at one time for cotton. I have been told it might be a 23 through 25 frame. Would be glad to give it to someone. Otherwise it will go to the scrap yard. I am in central Texas. 325-656-0076