Installing a High Compression Cylinder Head

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Another great article Royce, thanks! :slight_smile:

I put a Prus head on a motor last year that was bored .080" over. It took quite a bit of fitting to get piston clearance without a head gasket. Just something to consider if you have a monster displacement big bore. Also, what is the reason to not use a copper gasket? Thanks, PK.

Compare the position of steel to the position of cast iron and aluminum on this chart. Then compare the position of aluminum and cast iron to copper. The spray gasket sealant actually contains less than 3% copper, the main sealant is acetate. Notice how far away graphite is from steel or cast iron or aluminum - it’s not going to be a very good gasket over time, particularly for anyone who doesn’t use anti freeze. Aluminum against graphite is worst case, it will result in rapid corrosion of the aluminum.

The ideal sealant for the job might be Indian Head brand head gasket sealant. I was out at the time I was doing this job.