Is "antique oil" OK for an antique car?

I found a couple of cases of motor oil stashed in my dad’s garage, 30wt detergent Shell X-100 and 30wt non detergent Quaker State. These are at least 40 years old, maybe older, in cardboard “cans” and I found the spout used to pierce the can and pour the oil sitting on top of one of the cases.
I’m wondering what to do with them.
I know crude oil is thousands of years old when it comes out of the ground, but is refined motor oil stable enough to use after sitting for so long?
This is in an old garage that gets hot—well over 110 degrees in the summer and below freezing in the winter, if that makes any difference.

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It should be fine. A hobby of mine is going to garage sales and asking if they have any old oil or chemicals they want to get rid of. The best deals can be had that way.

Thank you! This should save me a bit of money considering how expensive oil is now.

I kept one unopened can and a piercing spout for show & tell with the younger generations. :slight_smile: