Jack stands back in the day

Does anyone here know what sort of Jack stands were common when the Model T was young?
Were they safe?
I ask because I could use some Jack stands and while it would be a simple matter to go to Harbor Freight I was thinking maybe the real deal would be fun to hunt for at swap meets, or maybe attempt constructing replicas if that’s even possible.
The more I think about this the more Harbor Freight sounds best, but I’m willing to be talked out of it.

If I have to raise the wheels off the ground, I use these tire savers. The handle goes “over center” to lock the jack into the up position. I hook the end of the handle to the jack body for extra insurance. :slight_smile:

Those are pretty slick!
But I don’t think I’d trust them for working under the car though.
Still they’re cool enough for preserving the tires.

Pretty hard to beat the modern ones. The front is easy to support using modern jack stands on the axle. The rear axle on a T is sort of fragile but taller jack stands work out near the brake backing plates.

Collecting the old ones is expensive - guys are really into the tools!