Just got to be the next caretaker of this Model T

So I am a volunteer at the Newton Depot, in Newton NC. We have a Depot Hack and I have been asked to be the new caretaker. Last weekend it wouldn’t start, but after watching some videos, I am able to get it running. So now I need to get moving forward.
I will try to post pictures, but I may have trouble.
To me it looks like @ 1916, but the guys at the Depot think it is later, with pieces from different years.
It needs an exhaust.
Is there any parts house near Charlotte NC?
I would rather find a place within driving distance.
I see grease caps on the steering column and other shafts, should I fill the caps with grease, and tighten them up, or leave them loose?
What should I fill the rear with? I see some thick grease in the fill caps. Do I need the 600 weight grease for all of the grease caps?
Thanks on advance for your help. This looks like a great forum

It’s based on a TT chassis. The first year for a TT was 1918 so it’s later than that perhaps. Grease cups just fill them up with brown or red grease and turn them until they stop. The rear axle gets 600 WT steam grease - it’s available from all the T part vendors.