Lack of Power Issue - Help

I have a 22 T. I was at a Model T driving experience and the cars flew up a hill in low. My car doesn’t seem to have nearly that power on a level ground. Doesn’t seem to have a lot of throttle. Clutch does not appear to be slipping.Running it on battery. Had the coils rebuilt but it sputters on Magneto. Also, e brake doesn’t hold. Going to try and adjust the rod.

They tend to have more power on MAG. Also if I remember yours is a sedan right? Those are heavy, and Ford equipped some with special gearing in the rear axle to compensate. You might think about changing rear axle ratios or installing a Ruckstell.

Thank you for the information. Yes, it is a sedan. No one in my area works on these. I think my best option is to get rid of the car.

If it “sputters on mag” at least the mag is working however poorly. Something you might try is to take the mag post out of the hogshead. Lint and other debris have been known to disrupt the contact of the needle in the post with the magneto ring.

It is also a relatively simple matter to check the magneto output. Magnetos put out around 25 volts AC at idle and a hot mag anywhere from 30 to 50 volts AC at Model T highway speeds (25 mph) depending on over all magneto conditions. These values are guide lines and not absolutes.

If you want to measure output you need an old fashion analog AC voltmeter the kind with a needle that reads 50V or more. New fangled digital meters go crazy. Just measure between magneto post to a good ground and since it is AC doesn’t matter which lead goes where. Run the engine on battery to make the test.

Something else to consider: Auto Inn is on the money about closed cars being heavy with respect to the horsepower the Model T engine provides. All additional weight is proportionately more significant to a Model T engine at 20 horsepower than a car with several hundred horsepower.

Hope this helps.