Led bulbs for brass cars

Are there any LED bulbs available to convert my 1911 brass headlamps and tail lamp? I would like to run the wires thru the red hoses and gas tubing to some sort of battery hidden in the acetalyne tank like a 12 volt drill battery.

Unfortunately not yet. There are Halogen bulbs that are made to fit.

Thank you Royce for answering. Art

Bob’s Antique Auto Parts in Illinois was selling them. Not sure if he still has them but they screwed into your exiting burner with the wires threaded through the burner, through the acetylene hose and into the acetylene tank where the battery would be located. Exactly what you’re looking for!

I thought Bob’s sold out to Birdhaven. I will try contacting both. Thanks

Those look like the Halogen bulbs - are you sure? I looked on the Texas T parts/ Bitdhaven site and don’t see anything.

Bob was selling them a little over a year ago just not sure if he still has them or if they are now supplied by Birdhaven. I think he was having them made in batches. Here’s a link to the MTFCA where Bob was supplying them:


Hope this helps

I just emailed Bob and he told me to contact Tim Dickson at 815 978 7873, he makes the bulbs. I contacted Tim and he has them in stock. They are 12 volt LED. Thanks for the help. Art

Thanks Art. I need to get a set of these. The battery in my 1910 runs down in about 30 minutes with the Halogen bulbs.