Long Shot: WTB 24-25 Touring sills or patterns -- Forward half

I am looking for someone that may have a set of 1924 or '25 Touring wood sills or can accurately trace patterns for me.

I only need the front half from the body mount behind the front seat forward, as mine is a cut off touring.

I believe I have enough of the rest of the wood to make everything else I need. My sills are non existent. I am not even sure what is supposed to be there.

PM me here or directly at crazydart400 AT yahoo.com


I rewooded a '23 roadster…the sills may be very similar (or similar enough)

have you found what you need?

The sills have two dado grooves along their length, with upper and lower body formers/supports screwed into the dados. The junk drywall screws were eventually replaced with proper wood screws when final fitting was done.

Not so obvious in the interior picture is a routed lip for the floorboard that goes from the very front to just under the lip of the front seat riser.