Luray Swap Meet - May 18-19, 2018

I have never been to this swap meet, but Luray has a nice automobile museum, an interesting train station, and it is known for its caverns. There should be enough for the Boss Lady to do while I check out the swap meet.

The weather should be beautiful in May, at least not brutal cold like now. It would be a good place to meet someone if they are selling something to you which has high shipping cost.

Anyone planning to go? Has anyone been to this swap meet in the past? Is it worth the trip?

Never been. Got a whole continent between me and it, and
the TT just doesn’t go fast enough to make the trip in under 3
weeks (one way). But I have heard many speak glowingly of it.

Go for it and give us a firsthand report. :+1:

I talked with a guy who went last year, he said it is a good little pre-war meet and has some Model T parts. He also said they will have a new area this year where you can drop off a couple of parts you want sold. You have to mark the price and they will take about 10%. This is a great idea! For example, I have a 1917 magneto assembly that weighs 90 lbs. I can not Ebay it because the shipping is more than the value of the parts. I don’t want to junk it, but I will never use it and don’t want to store it. So now I have a way for it to find a good home! The members of the car club hosting the meet will man the booth, taking their time from the meet. I am so happy to be able to get rid of this magneto that I will donate whatever they sell it for to their club.

They also have regular vendor spaces. I don’t have enough stuff to justify that, but one could pull a trailer of parts, park in a vendor space, and sleep there during the night.

I hope the weather is good and this swap meet is a great success!

Wish I had known about it when I lived in Virginia! Has it been going long?

I was told it has been held four times and has gotten bigger each year. Pre war and mostly Model T, so sort of a cult following.

I have not been to the meet, but I have been to Luray. Beautiful setting in the Blue Ridge mountains. If you take your T to drive around some make sure your brakes are good. The caverns are big, commertialized, and tacky, but interesting. The car museum probably has 100 cars and some horseless carriages.

And if you like trains:

I am certain there are good roads to cruise in a T (with good brakes!), but I am not familiar with the area. Thorton Gap is an entrance to the Skyline Drive, 100 miles of 35 mph along the Blue Ridge. there are a few campgorunds, lodging, and places to eat. I think you have to pay to get on:
Thornton Gap
East of Luray, Virginia and west of Sperryville, Virginia, off Highway 211 (also called Lee Highway)
GPS Coordinates: 38.660959, -78.320761

For an extended drive, go south on the Skyline Drive to Wynesboro it turns into the Blue Ridge Parkeway which is the same type road but no charge and will take you down into North Carolina.

What I am suggesting is that one make it more than just a day at the swap meet. I have not driven the area extensively to determine good roads and destinations, but it is mountainous. Maybe the club holding the meet can also provide good road trip maps for T’s in the area.