Mag Horn

Can anybody shed some light on Mag horn adjustment?
I spent an unsuccessful afternoon trying to adjust mine. I’d get it to bleat, but then it would stop sounding. I’m adjusting it through the bell. Is there a better way?


R/ Roger.

I don’t know if there is a better way, but my own experience is that the adjustment is very picky on these. You have to have it exactly right, an 1/8 turn either way and the horn will just click.

Thanks all.

It sounds like I’m doing the right thing, so I’ll keep trying.


I’m collecting parts for a '17 coupe I own. I’d like to know if the horn for that year had one or two terminals?


John Regan has the record of changes. I would guess two, but John would know for sure since he has all the paperwork.

I bought a '17 horn from Gail at Chickasha. Hope it works! Nice looking horn too.