Merry Model T Christmas!

What’s your favorite holiday related model t item? Here’s mine, the wife got it for me.

That’s neat. I don’t think I have anything Holiday related that is not in full size.

I prefer this however when the conditions are right. This is the MOST fun I have ever had with T 's

I like the tree ornament with lights that work.

And, if I lived in an area with snow, I would DEFINITELY have a T snowmobile!

How do those rear wheels perform on anything but packed snow ?
Does it sink in and bog, or is it light enough to keep on truckin’ ???

Looks like it would be a real hoot ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Raoul, I have only had it out twice around mine and my neighbors yard. The video posted below was on fresh unpacked snow, maybe about 3 inches or so. I don’t have any other data right now beyond that, hoping this year I can get to a friend of mines field he has. But I am willing to bet there will still need to be a slightly groomed trail. My guess is 8-12 inches of fresh snow might just be too much on those wheels.

David, Sorry to hi-jack your thread.

Here are some favorites…


Merry Christmas 2018!


Love the color on this Christmas Fordor.