Misc. Model T parts for sale

Below is a photo and list of items for sale and prices (excluding shipping). Please email me at mitch.owen@swbell.net if you are interested. When responding please include your mailing address so shipping costs can be determined.

Ignition switch assembly (used)- $20.00
Crank pulley- $25.00
Original Heinze switch- $115.00
Radiator cap- $5.00
Dash to windshield brackets- $10.00
Hot air pipe #1- $15.00
Hot air pipe #2- $10.00
Timer (no roller)- $15.00
Timer w/roller- $20.00
Rod bending tool- $30.00
Water pump pulley?- $5.00
Brass valve stem covers (4)- $45.00
(2) brass hub caps- $10.00
Brass oil site gauge- $25.00
Carbide generator basket- $10.00
Headlight glass w/ (small hole)- $5.00
Brass rear view mirror- $30.00
Cylinder water lower inlet connection- $15.00
Roller bearings - original style (4)- $65.00
Original style hose clamps (30) & hoses- $20.00
Break rod support brackets (3)- $25.00
Generator block off plate (new)- $12.00
Model XF carb off a speedster project- $35.00

If you still have the carbide generator basket I will take it

How much of this is still available?


Interested in your hubcaps,zip 34480.