Model T Ford #1023 Foot Brake Equalizer Assembly

I want to know if anyone has installed the Model T Ford #1023 Foot Brake Equalizer Assembly.

I am hoping to do this week on my '26 touring.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Happy motoring,


Today I started putting the brake pedal back in my '26 touring.

I am not sure this will work, does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Warren, was just looking for some info about the “foot brake equalizer” and found you were installing one into your car last year. Did you get it installed? I’m going to put one in my 26 Tudor. Have a good idea what to do,but any help would be great.
Regards PaulB

Hello Paul,

I did not get it installed, so I can not help you. Good luck with your project.
In fact, I have moved from New Hampshire to Tucson, AZ and had to sell mt 3 Ts.


I have a speedster with a large drum rear axle. About a year ago I bought and installed the equalizer to use the rear drum brakes as service brakes. It was easy to install, but did not work for me. I got almost no braking function with a LOT of pedal pressure. I would not recommend it. I even tried two different types of lining on the shoes. So, I took it off and installed other brakes as I am running a Warford and needed good brakes. I have the whole set up here I would make somebody a deal on if they want to try it. Otherwise, I would say, save your money.

Hi, I would like to give it a shot if the price is right. I bought the main big part from Scott Hills about a month ago but would like to have the rest of the parts if possible. I can probably make up the rest, but if you have them why go through the work.
Probably going to need new brake as well. Haven’t looked yet.
If you want to send me a few pictures, my email is and name is Paul.

Paul, email sent.

The clamp for all aftermarket cable operated brakes had no extension welded or otherwise on the pedal.