Model T tools

Can you guys help me determine what tools came with the Model Ts? I would like to build a Model T tool display case.

What year is your Model T? Some of the tools changed over the years. That said, here is a list of tools that came with every 1924 Model T (like mine), as called out in Bruce McCalley’s book, “Model T Ford the Car That Changed the World”.

Part Number Description
1349 Hub Cap Wrench
1387 Adjustable (Monkey) Wrench (rounded handle end - the ones with a square tang on the end are a Model A wrench, not Model T)
1903 Pliers (one of the handle ends is ground to act as a screwdriver)
1917 Double End Wrench
2335 Spark Plug Wrench
2336 Tool Roll
2337 Oil Can (the holders you see are all aftermarket, Ford only supplied the can)
2338 Tire Pump (single barrel)
2340 Tire Irons (two)
2343 Jack

I think Mark is being understated. My opinion all the tools changed over the years. So to narrow it down you will have to tell us what year you are trying to represent. 1924 was the highest production year for the Model T but even so the tools are difficult to find in some cases.

A story covering Model T Ford tools can be found in the March/April 2022 issue of the “Model T Times” magazine. This magazine is published by the Model T Ford Club International. The story covers tools for each year, and has many photographs of complete tool kits. The story describes what is considered “correct” for each year. I hope this helps, Russ Furstnow

Sounds great, I hope my copy shows up soon! :slight_smile: