Model t will not start, no buzz except when crank advanced

In many videos I have seen soon as u turn dial to battery coils buzz, if I turn hand crank 1/4 turn it buzzes , then hit starter no start, sputtered once , help

Sounds normal. When set to battery, a coil will only buzz when the timer rotor is touching one of the terminal contacts.

When set to magneto, the coils won’t buzz at all when turning the engine slowly with the hand crank.

For a cold start, with the key off, pull and hold the choke knob out while turning the engine over a couple of revolutions. Then release the choke, turn the key to battery and try to start the engine.

If the engine is warm it will usually start without the choke.

Can’t seem to get 27 model t in neutral? Any help out there

The parking brake lever needs to be about halfway. There’s not really a neutral, the brake lever simply disengages the clutch. Often this doesn’t work well if the engine has been sitting for years with thick dirty oil.

If you haven’t already, switch to a thinner oil, say 5W-30. Also, when the car is parked for overnight or longer, leave the parking brake lever fully forward (high gear), that will keep the oil squeezed out between the clutch plates and reduce the drag. Pull the lever back right before starting! Chock a front wheel if you’re parked on an incline for extra safety.

I have never had to do it, but some folks jack up one rear wheel in cold weather to reduce the drag on the clutch disks. Again, chock a front wheel before doing this!