Model T Windows?

Hello. I ended up owning these original Model T?? windows, and I would really like to get them in the hands of someone who needs them. These are original and seem to be in pretty good condition from my non educated perspective? (Can provide additional pics and measurements etc) I also have what I think is a complete wooden steering wheel as well, however that picture failed for some reason, but will post later if someone is interested. This is a little outside my comfort zone, but I’m sure this is a good place to begin the process. Would like to get a fair price obviously, so any input would be greatly appreciated!

The top photo shows 1917 (late) - 1922. A fairly nice assembly.

The other two are I believe the top halves for 1923 - 1925 Model T. Odd that you would have two of the upper parts.

Got them at a farm auction as part of a large lot of stuff, so I really have no idea about the story prior to that? The fact that none of the glass is chipped or cracked etc. amazed me considering they were all just sitting in a barn for years.