Model TT Rear End Question on Adding a Thrust Washer

I am restoring a 1924 Model TT truck and I have some questions about installing a thrust washer in the rear end between the differential housing and rear axel drive gear. What I am planning to do is machine (clean up smooth) the surface on the differential housing and axle drive gear then add a thrust washer to set the correct gear mesh between the axle drive gear and spider gears. My questions are: has anybody done this? Should I do this, if not why? Can I use fiber, bronze, or steel? I prefer bronze. Here are some pictures of what I want to do (I just used fiber as an example). Please respond.


I rebuilt mine a few years ago, and having never done one before, got a lot
of guidance from the Antique Auto Ranch guys, where I rebuilt it on the Tuesday
night open shop nights. Give Tom a call for a little advice on the science going
on here. 509 . 535 . 7789

I think a phenolic one would last a lifetime. But why not use a bronze one? It might last two lifetimes.