MORNING COFFEE questions, suggestions, comments, etc.

Thank you for you kind words, but MORNING COFFEE is over for now. I have enjoyed writing it, but recent unavoidable events are taking my time from it. I might pick it up again if things change here.

I will leave it up to you to figure out where it goes from here. It could up to the present if Johnny survives the accident, then things work out for Johnny and Susan and he survives the war and they marry, have children, grandchildren etc. etc. Or maybe he doesn’t survive and goes to heaven where he runs into his Daddy, yes that could get really weird when dealing with the afterlife. And Johnny’s sister Sally could be … well there are lots of possibilities and I will get back to writing IF my present situation changes.

Thanks for reading, I can’t say for now if I will be able to get back to writing about Johnny and his life.

As with everything in life,it was good as long as it lasted.Thank you.I do hope you find the time to continue and that everything in your life is good.cheers