MORNING COFFEE questions, suggestions, comments, etc.

Tomorrow I plan to start a new thread entitled “MORNING COFFEE” It will be a short story about a teen age boy named Johnny, his RPU, and his life in the 1940’s. Each segment will be a short quick read, and eventually end up being a story. I don’t know where the story is going to go or where it will end up. I have begun it, about ten segments, and they are loosely tied together. I try to stay a few segments ahead, but it is mostly just what comes into my mind when I sit down to write.

Questions, comments, suggestions, etc are welcome, but please keep them on this thread so the other thread will be uncluttered. Each day’s post will be numbered, so you can refer to them with that number. If you find my punctuation mistakes bother you please just post them here with the correct way to do it also. I am not a writer and I do not learning, you won’t hurt my feelings pointing out stuff like that. Most of the spellink mistakes you find are an attempt to show the speakers accent or pronunciation, not an actual mistake on my part.

Also, if you see a mistake concerning Model T’s for example I incorrectly identify one of a particular year (for example describe replacing a starter on a '15) please point that out so MORNING COFFEE will be accurate in all respects concerning T’s.

I will also be posting some background info on this thread, I will only post segments of the story on the other thread.

I plan to post one segment each weekday morning and I hope you will enjoy it with your MORNING COFFEE.

Characters you will meet this week:

Johnny – DOB - 1925
Sally – Johnny’s little sister, DOB -1927
Melanie – Johnny’s mother DOB - 1912
Little Petey – Johnny’s father DOB -1885
Jordon – Farmer DOB -1880

Sounds interesting, I look forward to the creative outlet.

You got me laughing pretty good on this one, Tom …

About ten years ago a guy on a steam railroad-oriented forum
began writing a serialized story similar to what I think you are
proposing. Given our nauseatingly PC culture these days, it wasn’t
long before some snowflakes began crying about the lack of “diversity”
in the characters … No one named Jamal or Sh’Niqua, no LBGTQ
love interest, etc. It was pretty pathetic, but then again, our main-
stream “popular” culture is exaclty that. It sure was funny though ! :unamused: :open_mouth: :laughing:

As far as names and events, everything I write is fictional and the names I use have nothing to do with any real people. If you see a name you know it is just coincidental. I am not writing about any actual people.

Johnny got up early Thanksgiving Day and went out to hopefully bag a turkey, but he would be happy with a small doe.
Johnny’s mother Melanie and little sis Sally spent a lot of time getting ready for church service and the big meal that followed in the Fellowship Hall.
Johnny’s Dad Little Petey was somewhere trying to find the bottom of a bottle, but behaving.

They all wish you a “Happy Thanksgiving”!

Join us Monday when Sally says… “And I could tell you a few on her daughter” giggled Sally.

Please keep the story going. I am enjoying the plot. Look forward to the next installment.

Thank you for your kind words. I try to write a little each day and I now am a couple of weeks ahead.

Tom, I had to catch up on Morning coffee. Great story so far. Keep up the work. I may not be able to read it everyday, but I catch up when I can.

Thanks, it is fun to write.

ok now it’s a habit.Don’t stop. Cheers. Lol

Today’s MORNING COFFEE post is delayed due to a problem with MS WINDOWS.

As Crenshaw said when Ford put a starter on the Model T, “Technology, the solution to all of our problems, and the source of most of them.”

Late posting this morning, COMCAST was down.
Technology, the solution to all of our problems, and the cause of most of them…

If you have questions, suggestions, or ideas for MORNIMG COFFEE, please post them on this thread. And if you like the story, send a link to your friends.



Still enjoying it. I believe it is a good portrayal of the time frame from stories I have heard from old timers over the years.

I try to keep it true to 1940 which is tough, but I rely much on what my parents said when I was coming up. I also use ideas from others who have recollections from the times, but they are rare and right old. Aunts and Uncles help as my parents have passed.

I see 1940 as scary time for anyone who experienced the horrors of WWI, but exciting for the younger generation of the time which would include Johnny.

This has nothing to do with the article, but I’ve been reading the forum for years with my morning coffee. It just seems like the right thing to do before heading out to the garage!

Missed the morning coffee read. Is everything alright? Cheers

Or was it a case that we got Mondays read on Saturday?

Loving the story still. Please continue.