MTFCA Forum has Switched to phpBB Software for 2019

MTFCA finally bit the bullet and upgraded their forum software to the same type as this site. :slight_smile:

It is a shame the useful members over there did not just come over here.
Management and whiners “over there” have run off so many good contributors
and coddled the “easily offended”. This site probably would not have ever
been created, if it were not for this policy “over there”.

I think now the the MTFCA has " bit the bullet" and adopted the same software platform as this site you will see a lot of cross over members posting and following both sites just like years ago when the MTFCI and the MTFCA both used the same platforms.

It’s been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The other site was not “broken,” but there are some problems now with those getting on the site, including me. That said, I have a sense the site is currently limping.

I guess it is like changing from a Model T to a Model A. Adapting from three pedals to move, to three pedals that make you move differently…

Royce, that is so true!

You may see more activity in your Classifieds section soon, I just found out that the MTFCA site charges non-members $20.00 to post vehicle for sale ads (no charge for members). :slight_smile:

Raoul, you’re spot on here…
I was one of those who went from being a regular (started in 2003) to a lurker on that forum.
But yesterday I got sucked in over there and found that I was enjoying the new format and ended up making about 6 or 8 posts which surprised me. Then, this morning I checked again and found the same reasons I left in the first place, which has now, after one day, reverted me to lurker status again.
It might be quieter over here, but that suits me just fine.

I really appreciate the effort and expense that has gone into this forum. This is hands down the best old car forum I have found, and I look at a bunch of them. There is always an educational article to read on the home page, written by the best in the business. I have not seen any of the sniping here that goes on over there, and that is why I’m here. I just had all I could stand of it. Not to bad mouth them too much, but if you notice, over half of the postings on the top page now are off topic, and none are marked as such. I did register over there just so I could respond to classifieds if I want to.

I know how some of you feel but in fairness that old system couldn’t be supported any more. It’s been in the wind for quite a while and if you’ve not been on this site logging on and avitar setup can be tough for beginners. When this site was started that old system would never have been used anyway.

I’ve been on the new 2019 MTFCA Forum for two weeks. This morning, it wouldn’t let me get on. I think I like the old Forum better.