My new Speedster

Just bought this speedster the other day. Going to pick it up Saturday. I think it’s a Rootlib kit. Has a Ruckstell large drum rear and a drop axle front. It looks like Model A wires. Motor looks pretty stock except for a distributor. I can do a lot more poking when I get it home. Any info on what you see is appreciated.

Nice looking speedster. Curious what you find.

The speedster took some work but it’s up and running real good. The trans clutch retaining bolt had come out and the whole set up slid to the rear and was ridding against the fourth main. The screw ended up stuck between the drum webs. About 25% of the reverse band lining was gone and scattered throughout the motor. The trans also had a cracked drum. It had two heavy rods and two light ones. The center main cap was hammered with .012" clearance. The crank had a .006" wow but the journals were OK. It also had a fiber timing gear. I replaced it with a McEachern gear. The front cam bearing was bad and most valves had 0 clearance. It did have a low head on it that was good. So I replaced the bad stuff balanced engine and trans put Kevlar bands in it and a Simmons carb. This little speedster runs right along now. I took it out this afternoon down the river road and it easily ran along at 55 mph. It has 3:1 gears. Happy camper.

Nice looking speedster - glad you got it fixed!