My TT Limo - Frances

If this post sounds like I am bragging, well, I am very proud of my TT Limo. I do not have “before” pictures, but she had a cab with restricted vision and not enough room to enter on the driver’s side. the bed was very nice and remains. The main problem was I could not carry many passengers in the truck due to lack of access to the bed except for the young and spry. First I got her mechanically sound which was a great learning experience for me. Then I moved the top of the cab to the rear of the bed as shown and mounted a seat on buggy springs for comfort. In order to enter the cushions are removed from the front passenger seat, the back folds down, and the entry to the rear is by stepping on the running board, then the floorboard, then the seat, then into the rear. It is easy access for anyone with the ability to climb stairs.

Her name is Frances after St. Frances of Rome, the patron Saint of horseless carriage drivers. St Frances had an angel who led the way with a light, hence the angel on the radiator cap. Frances can go 19 mph, but she is happiest at 15 mph, so I only take her out between 1:00 am and 4:00 am when there is little traffic. Except Sundays, I drive her anytime of day on Sundays. I have given rides to many, many strangers who admire her in the parking lot when I come out of WalMart, WalGreen’s, or gas her up at WaWa. Even at 2:00 in the morning many ladies will take a ride, especially when I tell them the top speed is 15 mph.

Yes, I am very proud of her and we have a blast! I know she is not totally correct, I know of no period TT limos to copy, but many TT owners built their own truck bodies the way they wanted them. Let me also say as someone who is fairly new to T’s, I really admire the purists. They have incredible knowledge, ability, and patience. I am not the type who should own a period correct vehicle because I do not have the ability to be responsible for a piece of history like that, but I can and do drive my Francis often!

Are those LED headlights, or ???

Yes, they are LED headlights with high/low beams and SAE and DOT approval. They are for motorcycles. I bought a couple of rusty T headlight buckets on Ebay, drilled them from the rear and made yokes to mount the lights on. I also drilled the tops of the buckets for ventilation because the lights put off a lot of heat.

Due to low top speed, Frances is a creature primarily of the night when there is little traffic, so she is well lit up. She looks like some alien craft drifting down the highway and I want her seen for safety. All lights are LED, they are bright and draw few amps. I did have to add resistors to get the turn signals to work.

I don’t want to aggravate any of the purists, I did all this for reliability and safety, I drive Frances a lot. I did not feel I could drive safely with the standard lighting that comes on a TT, I wanted brake, tail, turn signal, and marker lighting. After all that I decided that converting the headlights was just more of the same.
The headlights that came on it had rusty reflectors and the sockets needed replacing anyway.

I would not do this to a nice car, but an old truck I drive? Yes!