New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year fellow T’ers!

My Resolution is to get a '26 TT on the road in good working order.

I hope everyone has a healthy and happy '18.

I don’t have any resolutions other than trying to better myself in 2018. I tend to be a bit grumpy at times.

Other than that, I hope to get some projects done both on the house and the T’s and other vehicles this year.

My resolution is to finally get my speedster up and running and drivable! The chassis is completely rebuilt, every not and bolt and bushing. The column is done same there completely gone through. I’m still assembling the engine. But have hit a snag. Not on being able! It’s been about zero degrees here for nearly two weeks :cry: also my idle mind may have completely changed the direction of he project. I may now go fenderless. Anyone want to buy some speedster fenders?

I agree with David’s resolution and so my resolution is to get my 1921 chassis in actual running condition. Last year I went through my rear axle’s assembly with new axle shafts, fresh bronze thrust washers and pins, a Fun Projects Pinion Bearing kit, and the best Hyatt bearings I could find at the Bakersfield swap meet. Thanks to Ed Archer, I’ve got a useable transmission now to use to swap out my bad one and so this year I’m starting to go through the engine.