Newbie here, just brought my dad's 1917 touring home!

I don’t know much about it, but I am hoping this forum will help me through start up process etc! I think I will start out with a simple check list before I try and start the thing. We last started the T about 9 years ago.

I am not real sure how I get spark unless I just hook up a 6 volt battery. I remember my dad telling me the coils are all dried out. I assume if I hook up the battery to the main feed to the coils I’ll have spark to the plugs?

Anywho, the list:

#1. Drain the gas tank and blow out the line to the carb.
#2. pull the carb and clean it up.
#3. Pull the plugs and check to make sure the valves are free.
#4. Check for spark as the plugs are already out.
#5. New gas in the tank once I confirm the tank is clean. Should I add a filter?
#6 Make sure there is oil in the darn thing.
#7. Read the forum as I have no idea what position I should have the Idle and advance set to for start up.
#8. Re-install the plugs
#9. Have the carb choked and go for start. Not sure with the battery being hooked up if I need the “Key on” or not.

I’ll hopefully get to this over the weekend. I’ll update if I have success or not.

There are two possible power sources for the coils. The key position determines if the coils are powered by the magneto or the battery. The battery can be a 12 volt battery, the coils won’t care.

Be sure to not connect the battery to the magneto - the magneto will die and the battery will too.

excellent, Just the info I needed, thanks much!

Here is a link to another very helpful site, especially the post on “taking a Model T out of mothballs”:

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I envy your opportunity to own a touring. My first ride in a T was in the back of a touring driving across a farm field. I was hooked and looked for an opportunity to buy one. When I did, it required endless hours of work. It was a learning experience with lots of learning on the way. My purchase was on New Years Day, 1970, a while ago now.

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I have read a little discussion on using a 12 volt battery versus a 6. In my way of thinking, that would be the way to go but I gather you have to be careful. The lights for one thing. How would this affect the starting motor or the generator?

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The generator doesn’t care. If you have a voltage regulator you will need to get a 12 volt one. For the starter just use a 12 volt cable from the battery to the starter to limit the current.

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This is really neat! Very helpful for my first start attempt!

That is really helpful. It is doable. I have put my car away for the winter. Once my 6 volt battery packs it in, I will go with 12. That will make life a lot simpler.