Oil Additive in a Model T

My Model T smokes a little bit. I did change the oil. Has anyone added STP oil treatment or any other additives to their engines when you have this kind of circumstance. Thanks for any advice

Since the engine and transmission share the same oil, I would be very careful about running additives, they may make the transmission bands slip.

I think it’s probably normal for a T to smoke a bit. There are no valve seals and there is no PCV. As long as it makes good power you have no issues.

Does your T smoke all the time or just for a relatively short time when you first start the engine up? If it smokes all the time there may be wear issues it will take a rebuilt engine to remedy.

If it clears up after the engine runs long enough to reach operating temperature I’d agree with AutoInn that a bit of smoking is normal. I’ve found the more often the engine is run up to operating temperature at least, better if driven at least 10 miles or so (or more) smoking in general is reduced. I also agree with Cudaman about any additives since as he said the engine and transmission share the same oil. I heard an interview with a spokesman for MotorKote about a year ago and he said MotorKote was safe to use in a Model T application. But I’m unconvinced. Also, some additives may contain graphite based ingredients that are sure to play havoc with the magneto system.

Opinions on oil for the Model T cover the spectrum so at the risk of walking into a minefield I’ll say since I switched to 30W detergent oil, single weight, smoking and oil consumption are noticeably diminished. The engines I’m speaking of are far from recent rebuilds but run reliably. In a newly rebuilt engine where tolerances are naturally closer, any oil today is vastly superior to what could be had “back in the day”.

Hope this helps. Regards, Tom in Taylor Mill, KY