Oil Leak 1922 T

I had an oil leak at the Bendix cover. However, I have fixed that issue. I seem to have an oil leak somewhere near the bottom of the starter area. I will check the bolts on that tonight. My question is, I believe I heard somewhere that there is a peephole near the starter. Is that correct. If so, where is it. Thanks.

There is a hole on the engine side of the starter, that allows a small amount of engine oil to go in to the starter to lubricate the bearings/ bushings and the run out the bottom of the starter. The unfortunate part is that to allows oil in to the starter motor and under coats the car. The vendors for “T” parts sell a bushing replacement kit that has a modern lip seal included. Corrected the issue for me.

Canadian26Tudor has summed it up rather well. Most of the starter rebuild guys include the new seal. Might be worthwhile to look into that aspect.

Would like to offer an update on the the starter shaft seal. The seal is not very big, and I think that it might have failed as I started to get the oil residue under the car on the drivers side again. So I came up with something simple, not difficult to do. I made an offset bracket, used an existing pan bolt to mount, got a gear clamp, a gas line antifreeze bottle and drilled a 1/4 inch hole near the top, and a piece of 1/4 inch poly tubing, warmed it up to get the bends in it permanently. Just have to empty once in a while, but for the most part, is effective.