Old Plank Road

On the road between Yuma and Holtville, Arizona. Vehicles mired
in the sand dunes and this was an early day answer. I presume this
little “siding” was for passing vehicles going in the opposite direction ?
Or were morning hours for one direction and afternoon hours for the
other ?

I do not see another siding all the way to the horizon.

Not a good place to run out of gas!

Back when it wasn’t just travel, it was adventure. The wife’s grandparents came from Missouri to California in the late 1920s. Wishing I had recorded some of those stories Granddad told me back in the late '60s.

I have always looked at road trips as “adventure”. I may have destination,
but everything in between is fair game, and lots of ample time is planned in
to do the trip x10 for all the adventure I always find, especially in an old car.