OT What do I have here?

I’ve had this tin for quite a few years and have seen them often enough at swap meets and flea markets but no one seems to know what they were originally used for. On the lid is embossed MODEL OF 1916 and underneath it’s difficult to make out. I doubt the tin is T related but I’m curious and hoping for some input. Thanks in advance, Tom in Taylor Mill, KY 41015

ARMY meat ration tin

Tom, do you mean it contained something like Spam (SPiced hAM) from WWII and maybe this tin is from WWI ?

WWI , bacon


A neat little WWI item. Especially if you collect Model T era items…

Thanks kindly for your research, Tom. I got the tin from my late father-in-law 40 some years ago full of drill bits. I have always been curious as to its purpose. It took less than 40 some minutes via Ford Fix for an answer. There are not many things manufactured today that will be in such solid shape after 100 years of being knocked around.

That makes it special, regardless of its original purpose. Very special, something to keep and pass on with the story that goes with it. Otherwise someone will just ebay it without knowledge of its history. To anyone with an appreciation of Motel T’s it is the type of thing to pass on.

and I am jealous, I wish I had some similar items…

Now, you just need to find some period correct bacon to
keep in it ! :open_mouth:

Tom, I was on the verge of taking it to the shop tomorrow, bead blasting it, and squirting some paint on it. Not now; I know better. To preserve the patina I’ll rub it down with a 50/50 mixture of BOILED linseed oil and mineral spirits and set it aside to dry. I “painted” our '22 touring a few years back with the mixture and here’s the result. It lasts a few years or so.
p j 01 bf wash.jpg

Good man. Nothing like old family stuff!

Thanks to this thread when I went into the barn today the little tin I’ve never really noticed caught my eye. Now I’ll have to display it.

I don’t think people back then threw anything away. And those bacon tins were excellent for keeping things like… drill bits! Or whatever. Now most containers are plastic or cardboard. They work too! I keep stuff separated in small cardboard boxes that cat food comes in. Got lots of them. And the plastic tubs from WalMart that hold peppermints, they work well too. But I think we can agree, metal tins are the best, they last.

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