Our 1915 touring

It has a Winfield 1 1/8" updraft carburetor with Winfield intake, Stipe 280 camshaft, a Ruckstell, Rocky Mountain brakes. Ron Patterson rebuilt the coils in 2003. Serial number is in March of 1915, casting date on the block is March 1915. Just added the wire wheels recently. It’s been a great car and we don’t expect to ever sell it.

I love that you kept the wheels black, it makes the car so slick with the wires. The straight rib tires also lend to sophisticated look! And from what I understand they are the only new tires that are true to size. I have 30 by 3 1/2 firestones and my spare is an old lester. The firestone is damn near two inches taller. Good thing I have hc pistons, I will need them to overcome the size ratio in the tires!

She is beautiful.

With that engine she should roll, hope the RM brakes can make her stop!

Wonderful! I agree with David, black for the wires was an excellent choice.


Nice 1915!

Nice car

That is one swell flivver. My favorite year.