Our restored 1915 Runabout

Last year I started a frame up re-restoration of a very old and tired restoration of a 1915 runabout. My goal had been to complete it by its engine’s birthday on September 30th. I wasn’t able to finished it last April, so this year year I had to take it on out it’s 106th birthday.

While doing the restoration, I was interested to see if it was a “salad” car and not an original 15. Thankfully almost all the details to the smallest level were correct for an early 1915 model year runabout, including the screw holes left in the attach point in the wood structure for where the original bulb for the horn was installed. My understanding was that the bulb horn was replaced mid model year with the magneto horn. Two things that were not correct were the rear fenders and top bows had been replaced with 1917 era parts. It was my first frame up restoration which I really enjoyed. I taught myself to paint with urethane, which saved a lot of money. I can sand and polish better than I can paint, so the end result turned out really well.

The car is a lot of fun to drive; more so than our 21 touring. It is 200+ lb lighter, which certainly helps!

It’s a beauty! Nice work.