Overflow of parts I can’t use on our cars. Cars not for sale.

When my cousin Tom Moore passed away i knew I’d have to sell or trade some of his overflow ( if you knew him you understand what I mean lol) but it took me until now to be able to …we have so many original parts that we don’t need. But we do need more space! So if there’s anything specific you are looking for please just ask. I’m new to this and I’m not sure how to post pictures but we have everything from wheels to transmissions to engine blocks and everything in between. :blush: thank you, Olivia
( oliviaseminoff@gmail.com ) 978-467-6110

Posting good pictures and descriptions is always a good idea! Also your location!

Do you have a Ruckstell rear axle '26 or '27 for sale?

We live in Hubbardston ma. We are now in the process of cataloging what we have, taking pictures, and really just trying to see everything we have. I will try to get some pictures and lists up soon and until then I will see if I have that for you :blush:

I am looking for the wood for a 1926 Coupe Roof if you have it.

I will look for you :blush:

A few parts we have for sale

What are you asking for the tail lamp bracket? Thanks, Rick.

Looking for a Timer Elevator or Tower, must have the drive gear, thank you.