Paco model 22 speedster body...super rare

Paco body,model 22…1 of only 8 known survivors.I’m very interested in selling it.It definitely deserves to be rebuilt.Im very open to offers…thank you.

These are the pics of the Paco speedster body I found in oregon.
It has the wind screen post,both seat cushion springs…a bit rusty but definitely worth saving.Thank you

I’m interested! How can I contact you? Check out my websites at parenting guides, cooking ware, microclever, camengo, felix.

Give me a call…541-441-2699,Thank you,Jason

Id like to talk to you about this body.
Thank you.

The Paco is SOLD…thank you.

Congratulations! I hope the new owner can get it together. They are a beautiful piece of history.