Physician heal thyself.

Recently i posted a question about throwing the fan belt. I got several replies and PM’s about it, all helpful and most appreciated.

It would seem I had the belt tension too low. Egg on my face.

On purpose I had the tension on the low side with the aim of being kind and gentle to the new fan bushings and the new fan shaft. After checking the tension some other local Model T guys were using, I tightened 'er up and it seems to have solved the problem.

Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

You raise an interesting point. When I got my truck, I was a
total neophyte about T’s. Knew absolutely ZERO about them.
I have been accused of being a quick study when the subject
moves me, and all the talk about fans and water pumps and
radiators caught my attention when I had to do some front end
work AROUND the fan and belt and water pump. The guys at
the Antique Auto Ranch like to run their T’s on thermo-syphon
only and were often heard preaching the gospel of a good radiator
being all you really need.

I was interested in trying to run without those items before
the engine rebuild, but found the old radiator not up to the task
and it quickly overheated. Not to be deterred, I tried it again
after the rebuild, with a new radiator, and with the exception
of being unable to let the old dog idle very long without moving,
I have been pleasantly surprised at how well and cool it runs
without all that front end clutter. Timer work is a breeze and
keeping an eye on anything up front is as unobstructed as the
top of the engine itself. I am really glad I followed through with

You are making an excellent observation Raoul. It’s something that it took me a long time to figure out. Model T’s were and are extraordinarily reliable the way they were made.