Pickup hooks security

My 26 roadster pickup has rings that hold the tailgate closed and hooks on chains that hold the rings from coming off. These hooks frequently bounce out of the holes. Perhaps I am not inserting them correctly. Does anyone else have this problem?

Can you post a picture of your setup?

Here is a pic showing the tailgate latches on my 1924 cut-off touring with an aftermarket pickup box.

I have tried inserting the hooks every way possible-even tried twisting the chain. I also closed the hooks a bit but still they frequently pop out. The rings stay put so it isn’t a problem other than the chain banging around, but there must be some way the guys avoided the annoyance.

Looking at my photo gave me this idea! It will also keep the chain loops from banging in the body so much. We will see how it works out, but it shows lots of promise. Thank you so much!

Take your hook and run the end from the bottom of loop
In other words run your hook from the bottom up.
Opposite of how you are now hook it.
They can not fall out
I will send picture later when I get to my pickup