Possible magneto Problem

I just bought a 1922 T today. It had not been started in 30 years.i managed to get it started. But here’s the issue. I turned the key to start. I can hear the coils buzzing sometimes. Other times when I turn the key there’s nothing. If you hand crank it 1 quarter turn the coils buzz and it will start. When I have it running and switch it to magneto it shuts off. I was able to find the sweet spot. Any suggestions what it might be.

Google the “Reagan Patterson magneto test”. You need to do it.

Might be called the “Regan Patterson magneto test”. :slight_smile:

If you hear the coils singing “sometimes”, you have a continuity problem somewhere between the timer and the switch… That it flat dies on mag is (likely) a different issue (does it even have a mag? If it does, are the nagnets dead? Is the mag coil ring broken electrically?)

I’d start from the front, check your timer, make sure it’s 100%, then the wires at your insulator block (bad connector, broken wire), the connection at the coil box, then check your switch (you can always hotwire it)… If your switch is totally bad, it may be allowing battery current to the mag post, guaranteed to kill a mag.

Fortunately, these issues can be fixed (relatively easy, with the exception of replacing a magneto coil ring, which requires pulling the motor) but nothing fatal.

Yep. Stupid spell check.

When you turn the key to Battery the coils will buzz if the timer happens to be calling for spark. That it sometimes doesn’t buzz when you turn it on doesn’t indicate a problem.

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You mentioned about it possibly not having a magneto. Since I am new to this, how would I check to see that a Magneto is present. I appreciate all your input.

Google the Regan Patterson Magneto test. Do that to see if you have one or not.