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Interesting article, but I doubt it is all accurate…

Yes it is a bit misleading at best. I say Ford’s first pickup was the 1925 roadster pickup. The TT was invented to fill a need for a heavier duty wartime version of the Model T. It was not even built as a pickup version with a bed for several years.

These are pictures of my dad’s 1925 roadster pickup. He sold it in Minneapolis about 1962 when we were packing to move to Dallas.

Typical mall-drone audience reading material, lightly researched,
inaccurately presented. Kinda like fishing with dynamite. You just
gotta get it “in the neighborhood” to do the job.

Ford sure has had a lock on building ugly trucks. After the TT, it
has been a steady decline. The current offering looks like Tupperware
makes them. :laughing:

Mr. Swan has delivered up a confused pile of twaddle. 1917 roadster pickup? Harumph.

And why would someone write an inaccurate article like this? What purpose does it serve?

When you figure this out, please share the results. I have been
baffled this my entire life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: