Rebuilding the Model T Ford Muffler

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Every Model T muffler can be rebuilt, however not all parts are available, especially for the final design made from 1921-1927. Referring to your post on the 1914 muffler, to my knowledge the correct bolts to hold it together are not available. I believe the length is 13 5/16" long, with fine threads on the end. There were no cotter pins used. The bolts to secure the muffler to the frame had cotter pins but did not use a castle nut, only a plain nut with a cotter pin below it.

I recently noticed my late style muffler rattling , so I rolled under the car when I got home to discover the outer shell dropped down on a tour on the back side. I pushed it back up into place, and smacked the rear end a couple of times with a rawhide mallet, and tightened the nut, and I guess it will be ok for a few more thousand miles.

Now you know why I always cotter key them. The nuts come loose if you don’t.

Sorry Royce! Ford didn’t cotter pin his muffler nuts, and neither will I!