Repairing the Model T Ford Rear Spring

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One point I would like to add, is the late Fords used a special square headed bolt that is 1/4-20. and a hex nut for the end that is 1/2" across the flats. The style of the bolt is the same front and rear, just longer on the rear. The four corners on these bolts are very slightly rounded, and have a 3/8" head on them. These hold the spring clip in place. In later years, Ford replaced the leather pad with one made of top material, but still had the leather ends on them, held on with two split rivets. I prefer to use the all leather pads front and rear. Although not original for the late cars, the early center retaining bolts, especially for the rear, make installation much easier, and stay in the frame better. I hope I’m not confusing anyone here by not using Ford’s terminology!