Replacing the Fuel Line on your Model T

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Thanks for another very informative article. This one and the Kingston carb rebuild articles have been timely for me. Art

Royce: What you did is fine for a system that is not to be judged. However, it’s hardly what Ford did!

I’d like to comment on this article. The brake line tubing will work just fine, and will look correct when done. Ford used brass tubing from the beginning, and as of 1913 it was tin plated but still brass. As far a copper tubing goes, I have a copper line on my '13 touring which has been on there for 58 years, and over 55,000 miles. I wouldn’t do it again, because I know better now, but I was '18 when I made the copper one, and I’ve learned a few things! It’s still on the car, and has never failed.